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Hi, my name is Peter Trapp, owner/operator of AAA Painters. We provide very professional & efficient Interior Painting, Exterior Painting & Texturing for all your home and commercial/industrial painting services.
I’m happy to come out and provide you with a free quote and any painting advice so Contact Us Today…

— Peter Trapp – Owner / Director AAA Painters


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Reliable Painting Contractors

Experienced Painting Teams Covering The Greater Wellington Region

AAA Painters have heavily experienced painting teams with some of our painters have over 30 years experience. You can expect a fully professional painting service for your Interior, Exterior House Painting and Commercial Painting needs – and help with your house painting ideas along the way.


Inspired by a woman they had never met, the homeowners of this 1950s home embarked on a colourful journey through time.

Far out. Visitors to Ann Shelton and Duncan Munro’s Wellington home often have a physical reaction to their home of many colours. Guests take a step back and gasp at the sheer vibrancy of it all, as if the coral pinks, sunny oranges, lemon sherbet and baby blue shades are affecting them on a cellular level.

The home’s bold Resene colour scheme is a shared vision, a collaboration between the home’s original owner, Nancy Martin and Czech Republic-born architect, Frederick Ost, who designed the home in 1957. More than 60 years later, using Resene paints and colours, Ann and Duncan painstakingly brought Nancy and Frederick’s original colour concept back to life. Read more.

AAA Painters Services

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01. House Painters

Use professional house painters in Wellington. We are capable of providing all interior house painting & exterior house painting to a standard that you are completely happy with at home or in your workplace. AAA Painters is a friendly, reliable team and completely affordable.

House Painters
Gib Stopping Services
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02. Gib Stopping Services

Our Wellington Painters service includes all GIB Stopping. if you require we can provide GIB Stopping for building repairs, renovations & complete new buildings & commercial or industrial spaces in Wellington region for an affordable price.

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03. Commercial Projects

Need Commercial Painters Wellington to paint or repaint your office, workplace or other commercial buildings? AAA Painters Wellington have highly skilled and experienced commercial contract painting teams. Affordable Wellington Painters! painting teams. Affordable Wellington Painters!

Commercial Projects
Textured Painting
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04. Textured Painting

If your textured house paint is starting to crack or your ceilings have water damage in your home or workplace, we will provide you with an effective and preventive painting & decorating solution at an affordable price.

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05. Wallpapering Services

With over 30 years experience in wallpaper hanging and preparation work in Wellington, AAA Painters ensure a fast & efficient wallpaper job that guarantees satisfaction for your home or workplace for a reasonable price. We offer wallpapering Services at an affordable price.

Wallpapering Services
Roof Painters
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06. Roof Painters

Our Wellington Roof Painters repaint roofs for homes, workplaces and other commercial buildings. AAA Painters Wellington have highly skilled and very experienced roof and home painting teams + painting contractors for all roof types. Affordable Wellington Painters!!!

Interior Painters

Use professional house painters in Wellington. We are capable of providing all interior house painting & exterior.
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Textured Painters

Textured walls and ceilings are becoming very popular recently, with different techniques creating unique styles that will suit your room perfectly.
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Exterior Painters

We supply a full range of exterior painting services in Wellington and can help add value to your property no matter what the budget!
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House Painting Tips

A little planning can go a long way toward a successful painting or wood finishing project. When we do not perform tasks on a regular basis, it is easy to overlook things.
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Our Process



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