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Why Do I Need to Paint the Inside of my House?

One of the main questions we often get asked here at AAA Painters Limited is “what’s the point of painting my home’s interior? It’s costly, time-consuming, and the walls will get marked and damaged again anyway!”

While some parts of this statement may be true, there are a number of beneficial reasons as to why it is important to keep your residential house interior up to date, and why long-term, you’ll be grateful that you have:

1. It increases real estate value

By painting both the interior and exterior walls of your home and keeping other surfaces such as the trim up to date, when you eventually come to sell, it will increase the real estate value significantly. It is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

2. It protects both interior and exterior surfaces

Knicks, bumps, and marks are all a natural part of living in a home. However, by regularly keeping your residential interior updated, it helps both protect and cover those niggly hard to remove marks that have been difficult to remove.

3. It improves the overall health of the house

Most people spend more time in their home than anywhere else. By using high-quality, premium acrylic paints and finishes, it will improve the quality of the air in which you live and breathe – a pretty good side effect, if you ask us!

As you can see, residential interior painting holds a number of benefits, and the initial cost of doing so far outweighs the benefits you will gain from it.

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