GIB Stopping

Why You Should Choose AAA Painters Limited for all your GIB Stopping Needs

GIB Stopping, otherwise known as interior plastering or GIB fixing, are terms used to describe the professional installation of GIB (Gibraltar Boards) and plasterboards in your home and ceiling.

While some people decide to take a risk and tackle GIB Stopping through precarious DIY methods themselves, GIB Stopping should be done by highly experienced professionals like the team here at AAA Painters.

GIB Stopping

So why choose us?

  • We provide a free, no obligation quote

We don’t believe in pressuring people. We know that you have to feel comfortable with what’s on the table, and figure out if it best suits your needs and budget. That’s why we offer a free, no pressure, no obligation quote before you begin your journey with us.

  • We provide GIB Stopping for all services

We provide high quality GIB Stopping services for building repairs, renovations, new buildings, and commercial and industrial spaces in the Wellington Region at an affordable price.

  • You’re on the journey with us

We will always keep you up to date with where we’re at, and, when possible, work around your own schedule to cause the minimal amount of disruption possible.

Call us today and see for yourself!